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Two new works for flute, viola and harp by Michael Nyman and Elgar Howarth to be premiered in August 2009 at the Yoxford Arts Festival.
Volkmar Andreae, 'Flute Quartet', released May 2009

2008, Premiere CD Recording

Martin Yates 'Fire Island', (Flute and Piano)
Martin Yates 'Sonatina', (Flute and Piano)
Cecilia McDowall, Moon Dances, (Flute and Piano)
Cecilia McDowall, Not Just a Place (Flute, Cello and Piano)

Other Premiere CD Recordings

Dave Heath 'Beyond the Dark' (Flute and Harp)
Stephen Dodgson 'Duo' for (Flute and Harp)
Jonathan Rushby Smith 'Syzygy'
Alison Cox 'Star Cycle' for (Flute and Piano)
Tulio Peramo 'Cantos de Caribe' (flute and guitar)
Roberto Sierra 'Tercera Cronicas del Descubrimiento' (flute and guitar)
Marlos Nobre 'Solo 1'
Stephen Goss 'First Milonga, Last Tango' (flute and guitar)

Works by Martin Yates

'Fire Island' Fantasy Sonata 25mins, St John's Smith Square
'Sonatina', St John's Smith Square
'One Summer' Sonata for Flute and Harp, St John's Smith Square
'Flute and Harp Concerto', St. Martins in the Fields
'Café Music', (flute, cello and piano), St John's Smith Square
'Second Sonata' for flute and piano, Helmsley Arts Centre

Other Works

Dave Heath 'Golden Sunset', (Solo Flute and Flute Choir), Yoxford Arts Festival
Jonathan Harvey 'Nataraja', for flute/piccolo and piano, BBC Radio 3 Live Broadcast
Cecilia McDowall 'Not Just a Place' (flute, cello, piano), Reading
Joseph Glassman 'Piece No.1' for flute and keyboard, Wigmore Hall
Alison Cox 'Star Cycle' for flute and piano, Purcell Room